Wireless Networks

ETPL provide secure Wireless Networking solutions for any demanding application requirement such as mobile field support, sales support and integrating wireless networks with existing wireline networks for corporate in building communications. Working with Cisco Systems, the market leader for wireless Communications, ETPL has provided many such secure wireless networks to major corporate customers in Sri Lanka. ETPL is a Premier Select partner of Cisco for Wireless Networking and consists of many Wireless Certified Engineers in their staff. ETPL have probably implemented the widest spectrum of Wireless Networks of Sri Lanka. The wide expertise and experience consists of Wireless 802.11 a/b/g corporate networks with seamless roaming, Island wide deployment of service provider Wi-Fi hotspots to that of innovative Mesh Network for a community network for a remote region of the country. ETPL has provided an innovative Public Wireless Local Area Network integration for the largest mobile operator in the country for integrating Wi-Fi Networks with GSM Mobile Network. This is the first such network in Asia.

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