ETPL Smart Homes


ETPL products enable you to convert your home into an intelligent ‘Smart home’ at your fingertips by converting any of your current electrical and or RF equipment that are non-smart into smart devices by simply Plug and Play method at an attractively affordable price.

Transform your home into a Smarthome with IoT (Internet of Things) Technology providing a new level of security and automation, brought to you by ETPL together with leading electronic consumer company.

IoT enables customers to control and monitor your home and digital devices remotely anytime, from anywhere. In a Smarthome, customers could ensure home security, check on kids and family, adjust your air conditioning, switch lights on and off and get security alerts all on the go, providing greater flexibility and peace of mind.


‘Smarthome’ Devices can be set up via any home Wi-Fi network, which will enable customers to remotely control them through the internet.


Everything we do is designed with you in mind.

By developing a ‘path of least resistance,’ our goal is to make a smart home an affordable option for everyone.

Simple – our smart devices are designed to replace a regular switch simply. No infrastructure changes. No neutral wire. Instead, a like-for- like replacement with added smart functionality. All you need is a screwdriver and two minutes.

Versatile – the smart system is easy to configure, and no professional help is needed.

This flexibility means your smart home is primed should you either wish to add devices in

The future or change functionality (e.g. on/off, dimmer, multi-way…) of certain switches.

Make your day-to- day work much easier while saving POWER… saving MONEY… saving EARTH.